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The new 190mm Lignalite block from Lignacite has been developed to enable large masonry panel walls to be designed which reduce the need for
additional restraints, such as wind posts.
Lignalite blocks are also suitable for single person repetitive handling, an advantage that not all full width 190mm blocks can meet.  

The introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, has caused designers to overlook the advantages of wider block walls, typically 190 – 215mm widths in the mistaken belief that all blocks of this size are likely to exceed the 20kg unit weight that is advocated for manual handling purposes.  As a result, walls are often designed around 100mm and 140mm width units but this usually results in the construction requiring additional lateral supports in the form of beams, columns or wind post.  Lignalite blocks have the potential to eliminate the use of additional supports which not only provided an immediate cost saving but improves continuity of the blockwork construction process.

Lignalite is manufactured from selected lightweight aggregates which are integral to ensuring the 20kg unit weight is achieved. It also has a close textured finish that is commonly specified in commercial, industrial and leisure buildings. These types of buildings usually require large expanses of uninterrupted wall, such as dividing or firebreak walls, and need to be designed economically.

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